New York -  It was only my second visit, but I feel like it could have a completely different city in the summer. It’s not nearly as pleasant as when I was there last year in the Fall - but still it’s romance grabs a hold of you and begs you to fall in love. The last time I was in town I swore that I would endevour to one day live in New York, but I couldn’t feel more different this time around. I still love the place and all it’s chaotic, mad, pulsing splendour - but yes I was happy to leave. My very favourite moment was on the first night I arrived. I took the 6 (subway train) down Lexington from East Harlem where I was staying and got off at 86th street. At about midnight I walked all the way Downtown to Soho. It was boiling hot but the city was so alive and people were out drinking in bars and eatery’s - smiling, laughing, smoking cigarettes. I felt truly happy to be there and very inspired. This time I saw that it was a tough city for people that need tough love - just like any relationship. I love how true New Yorkers have a romantic relationship and unique history with the city. They all seem to have a unique story about how they met and fell in love, the hard times they had together and why it was the most rewarding relationship for them. Those couples that I met that lived there were in a sort of menage-a-trois with the place - which sounds gross, but New York isn’t just a commonality between many of it’s inhabitants- it’s a mutual love and desire to be close to the city.

For some reason I am craving some wide open space - so I’m here in Austin, Texas writing to you. Already I love the place. Everybody looks like a member from My Morning Jacket. I’ll be appearing at a few open mic places but mostly I just want to get down to the writing - that’s why I came - for some perspective on everything and well to write the next bunch of songs for my next record. I have bits and pieces that seem so incongruous to one another it’s quite scary. I’d like to sit and work every day like some of my favourite writers do - but I can’t have any clarity of thinking when I’m still. Ideas crystalise in motion. That’s why I spend most of my time pacing about the room when i’m trying to get a breakthrough happening with a song. I’ve just been scribbling ideas in a notebook - I’ve never done that before either. I’m committed to having some sort of breakthrough in my thinking with the next batch of songs - that’s how it all works; you shed your skin from the past and all it’s trivialities and pain and love and you start over. That’s the endless appeal of making a record it seems. It’s an opportunity to uniquely record and track your own journey through life. It’s remarkably narcissistic, but it’s like life couldn’t progress without that for me. In my mid twenties it’s more important than ever - It just needs to be great. And greatness comes from a divine meshing of hammer and nail hard work and soul crushing procrastination. The joy comes later. When you hold what you’ve created in your hands.

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